Discovering the Medina

A small port city, it has kept its charm while enjoying a unique cultural effervescence. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it remains a mythical place where colours and smells blend with history and with history and tradition. The old Mogador can be tamed as you stroll through the narrow streets of the medina sheltered from the trade winds by the ramparts and the Scala, witnesses of its Judeo Christian past.



In the sixties, Essaouira saw the gotha of the craziest celebrities of the time cross paths, headed by Jimmy Hendrix. It was only a small step from there to create the biggest musical gathering in the country The Gnaouis took this small step with the Gnaoua & World Music Festival. Not a note played by these masters of mystical music that the blue city does not rhyme with the memory of the most of the most illustrious of rock legends.



A precious and aromatic wood, thuja grows mainly in the Essaouira region. Emblem of local craftsmanship, it has always been used for everyday objects as well as for design furniture and other decorative accessories.


Argan tree

A mythical and sacred tree whose exploitation is codified by custom, the Argan tree is a central social and economic player in Soui communities. Appreciated for its food and cosmetic and cosmetic properties, argan oil is the subject of a protected geographical indication recognised worldwide.


The Vine

New wine eldorado, the region is gaining from vintage to vintage its stripes as a land of great growth present on the best tables in Morocco and elsewhere. The wine route makes its way through the shade of the olive trees.